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All symposia will be held during the main dates of the conference in the afternoon, please see below for the specific dates. Select the symposium name to access a full PDF summary.

Wednesday, 15 August - 1:30- 5:00pm:

S1: Assessing bird populations at regional to continental scales: results from innovative approaches to data intensive analyses of North American birds
Convenors:  Steven Matsuoka, Steven Cumming, Wesley Hochachka and Diana Stralberg

S2: Tracking long distance migration of small birds: new discoveries in migration ecology
Convenors: Emily A. McKinnon and Kevin C. Fraser

S3: Assessing the impact of marine renewable energy installations on birds: lessons learned
Convenors: Peter Paton and Scott McWilliams


Thursday, 16 August - 1:30 - 5:00pm:

S4: Recent advances in acoustic monitoring of birds
Convenors: Charles M. Francis and Andrew Farnsworth

S5: The application of next-generation sequencing to ornithological research
Convenors: Matt Carling and Zachary Cheviron

S6: Tracking migratory stopover phenology: Climate change and the phenological synchrony of North American bird migration with seasonal resources
Convenors: Eric Wood and Jherime L. Kellermann


Friday, 17 August - 1:30 - 5:00pm:

S7: Phylogenetics, diversification and conservation of all birds
Convenors: Jeff Joy and Gavin Thomas

S8: Tropical challenges: priorities in Mexican ornithology
Convenor: Katherine Renton and Adolfo Gerardo Navarro-Siguenza

S9: Movement ecology of migratory birds in relation to an ecological barrier across different levels of analysis: Lessons from two major regional systems
Convenors: Phil Taylor, Frank R. Moore and Rebecca L. Holberton


Saturday, 18 August - 1:30 - 5:00pm:

S10: Integrating avian physiology and ecology: phenotypic variation and fitness
Convenor: Tony D Williams

S11: Avian disease ecology: from the individual to the landscape
Convenors: Jen Owen and Mark Jankowski

S12: Hot topics in the Tropics: Research to support full life-cycle conservation of migrants
Convenors: Janet Ruth, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, Carol J. Beardmore and Wendy Easton